Mario Badescu Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream

Simply put, I love this stuff. I used to work in a cafe, and this saved my hands from all the harsh cleaning chemicals and time in the dishwashing sinks. It's a very rich but light hand cream with a pleasant perfume-y scent and soft pink color. My favorite things about this product - things that set it apart from the others - are how quickly it sinks in and how long-lasting its effects are. My hands feel softer immediately after I use it and stay moisturized even after I wash them.

I've had this tub for a month and you can see how much is left; it's so thick that you only need a tiny bit at a time. I personally like Mario Badescu's simple, uniform packaging, but can't help laughing at the Elasto-Seamollient cream's ridiculous pseudo-scientific name! I also like the scent, but even if you don't, it fades fairly quickly. The nice thing about Mario Badescu is how generous they are with samples: you get three with every order, and a bunch of free ones (no purchase necessary!) if you fill out their online questionnaire.

I've given this to a friend who has dry hands from washing them so often in med school, and now she's addicted too! Absolutely a must-buy.

Mario Badescu Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream is $8 for 4 oz. at their website or their Amazon store. You can find it in-store at Nordstrom and Ulta. 
Non-U.S. readers can get it online at

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