Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Butter

Target’s really stepped it up in the beauty department over the last few years. It’s not only that most beauty and skincare items are significantly discounted, they’ve also got a tidy selection of exclusive brands. One of the largest ranges of products they carry is the house line from Boots, the UK drugstore staple. Why is it that foreign products seem so much more exotic and interesting than our own boring old Olay and Eucerin standbys? I mean, logically I know that it’s just a standard drugstore brand in Britain, but somehow it just seems different.

The scent is the reason I originally bought this; it’s deliciously foody - nutty and vanilla-y with a hint of cookie dough. I also appreciate that it doesn’t have that plastic smell that so many drugstore lotions are cursed with. In terms of moisturizing capabilities, it’s a bit richer than your average lotion, but definitely not a heavy-duty cream.  Although it’s thick, the cream sinks in easily and the smell is not overpowering. The texture is a bit odd and not like any body butter I’ve used before - almost like creamy Jello, as bizarre as that sounds.

I’m not sure I’d repurchase this just because I’m always trying new lotions and creams, but it’s a solid, widely-available body butter for a decent price. And the scent really is practically edible (there’s even a warning on the back that “THIS IS NOT A FOOD”, in case we’re tempted to taste)!

Boots Body Butter is $9.99 for 6.6 oz (200 ml) at Target in-store and on sale online here for $5.99 at Boots USA

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