Chanel Le Vernis - Rouge Fatal #487

I have a love-hate relationship with Chanel polishes, especially the reds. It's faintly ridiculous to pay $26.00 for a branded product with an average brush and a hit-or-miss formula. But on the other hand, when Chanel gets the colors right, they are absolutely incomparable. Unbelievably pigmented, unique yet classic shades that draw compliments wherever you go. 

Today I'm wearing Rouge Fatal (#487), a limited edition release from fall 2010. Rouge Fatal is one of my "special occasion polishes" that I always throw in my suitcase when going on vacation - you can see how scratched and well-traveled the cap is!  The intense pigmentation makes it almost like a dye rather than a laquer. That fully-opaque mani in the picture above? That's a one-coater. I usually do two coats just because I like it a little darker, but one is definitely enough if you're short on time.

I have two Chanel reds and I love them dearly. Both were gifts and the memories they bring whenever I look at my hands always make me smile. I'm definitely not going to start a dedicated Chanel collection anytime soon, but some of the colors are simply so special that it's worth putting up with the downsides just to have them on your fingernails.


  1. Now you are making me want Rouge Fatale. :)

    I have a few Chanel reds too but the next one I'd like to get is Dragon. I agree with you that they overcharge for their polishes but that their colours are spot-on. It's the price we pay to be the part of the first wave of a trend.

    1. The other one I have is Dragon and it's gorgeous - but pretty chippy, like Rouge Fatal. I've never found a comparable color, though, so it's worth it!


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