Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

You know that saying about the definition of idiocy - how it's epitomized by doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results?. Well, I can now officially announce that in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of "idiot" is going to be accompanied by a picture of the Kiehl's logo superimposed on my stupid mug. The number of times I've given them my money for a product that doesn't work is absolutely ridiculous. Finally I am saying NO MORE!

It all started out so innocently (cue video montage of me running through a field of wildflowers in the morning dew). I was drawn to the packaging and the quaint "apothecary approach" to skincare. Plus, every interview in every magazine and blog raved about their products, and, well, the collective beauty consciousness was right about Embryolisse, so why not about Kiehl's?

Well, I still can't understand why people rave about them. The only explanation I can think of is that maybe some things were reformulated after L'Oreal bought them in 2000, and the "indie magic" is now gone from the brand. Their most famous product, the Creme De Corps, felt just like my $3 Palmer's. The Panthenol Protein Moisturizing Face Cream sat on my face and never soaked in, leaving my skin just as dry as before once I'd washed it off. My hair was coarse and strawlike - everything but silky - no matter how many different ways I tried applying Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream. The overpowering rotten eucalyptus smell of the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve made me die a little inside. And as for this body butter, it too has a fatal flaw.

At first glance, it looked really promising. The whipped texture isn't something we see too often, and promised to bring heavy-duty moisturization without the heaviness of some traditional body butters. The design is to die for and it even smelled expensive: warm and sophisticated, like coconut milk. And indeed, when I use this on my hands and feet, it leaves them feeling luxuriously velvety. The problem comes whenever I try to apply it anywhere else, like you would expect to do with a, yanno, BODY butter. No matter the condition, level of moisture, or temperature of my skin (yeah, I tested!), it starts balling up the second it hits my body. Seriously, it's disgusting to see and feel little yellow linty things rolling around on your skin. And frankly, it's unacceptable for any product but for especially one this expensive.

Yet another "meh" product from Kiehl's. Seriously, I'm SO done this time. Seriously. I promise. I really mean it. Seriously. Well, maybe after I try those samples I still have of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Rosa Arctica face cream . . . oh dear.


  1. LOL, I know how that goes. Sometimes, you just want to love a brand so much that you forgive any number of grievances and bad reactions because you keep thinking/hoping that the next product will really be the one to turn you. I really do like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, though. It works well for me, even on my very oily skin--as long as I don't use it every night, that is. The Rose Arctica cream appealed to me for a while, but I knew it would be too heavy for my skin. What is your skin type?

  2. Oh and PS: did you make those written social media buttons yourself? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for similar ones and can't find them, which leads me to believe that they're custom-made. :(

  3. THANK YOU! You're the first person to give a negative review on Kiehl's and all the raves were driving me nuts. One, I had no idea that Kiehl's got bought by L'Oreal - I'm inclined to think that the indie magic is now gone, too. Two, the SAs at Kiehl's counters around here are so freaking stupid and snobby that I lose any and all desire to test their products. That along with the price for cheap-looking minimal packaging do not endear me to the brand. I can move on with my life now!

    1. I HATE when one snobby SA somehow manages to ruin the whole's seriously the only thing that will turn me off a brand like no other, no matter how unfair that is to the company as a whole.

    2. It wasn't even just one. They're ALL like that at all the Kiehl's here for some reason. Must be in the training.

  4. Thank you for this! I'm so grateful, I was considering getting a jar. I recently pruchased a small size of the Creme de Corps lotion and sadly, kind of fell in love with it. It's very emolient and has a faint "cream" scent, hopefully this makes sens. I would have thought that the body butter would have been even superior. Balling up! Bad! Surprisingly, the SAs at our downtown area store are very nice and didn't come across as snobby. I too find this unpleasant. I think it's more the way one's purchace is processed that makes it a bit pretentious but again, they where very nice.


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