Labello Soft Rose Tinted Lip Balm

Writing about disappointing products is just never as much fun as raving about a new favorite. But as we product junkies know, the nature of the addiction is that some things just fail to satisfy that craving. And Labello's attempt at a rose-tinted lip balm is a big fat failure.

First, it's completely insufficient in its basic role as a lip care product. The balm itself is waxy, hard, and left my lips looking and feeling dryer than before I put it on. I'm 20 years old, for goodness sake, my lips shouldn't have THAT many wrinkles.

Additionally, the touted "tint" is nowhere to be seen. I messed around with the lighting while taking these with my DSLR and still couldn't get the giant swatch in the middle of my arm (at least, I think that's where it felt like it's not like I could see it after I applied it) to show up:

This will be easier for some of you to skip, since Labello is only sold in Europe (although the Nivea Lip Care sticks in the U.S. have near-identical formulas and are produced by the same parent company). And even if it's staring you right in the face in the drugstore, skipping it is still the right choice.

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