Cattier Paris Pink Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin

I want to preface this post by saying two things:

1. It is very, very unlike me to privately - let alone publicly - form an opinion on a product that I haven't thoroughly and repeatedly used. However, the instant results from this mask are making me break that rule today.

2. This review includes a pretty gross close-up picture of the mask in action. Please navigate away from this page now if you are squeamish, or if you are currently eating strawberry yogurt. 

Clay masks have been off my radar for a few years, ever since some futile experiments with drugstore variations and a brutal encounter with the famous Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask (my skin couldn't handle the menthol). I do have some sebaceous filaments on my nose, but my skin is normally combo-dry so they're not too visible. When I remember, I use BHA and Mario Badescu Silver Powder to minimize them, but most of the time I just don't bother. Obsessing over skin is no healthier than neglecting it, and frankly a few small dark specks on my nose were the least of my skincare problems!

I threw this Cattier Argile Rose Masque in my EasyParapharmacie basket last week because it was rated #1 on (the top French product review site), is made for sensitive skin, and because the humidity in Germany right now is turning my formerly parched face into an oily, sweaty mess. I wasn't expecting anything special, just hoping for a little purifying action. I thought the ingredients - kaolin clay, aloe vera, shea butter, some stabilizers, and a bit of lactic acid - looked good, plus it was under 4 euros, so what the heck. Peppermint oil is also included, but happily I can neither smell nor feel it.

Starting with the basics, the Masque Argile's texture is very well-formulated. It's thin, easy to spread, and dries and works quickly. I also appreciated how easy it was to rinse off. So many masks are so hard to remove that they inflame the skin they just treated! It smells like clay, but hey, that makes sense. The "rose" in the name refers to the color, not the scent. The important thing is that neither my rosacea nor the other sensitive bits of my face suffered any irritation during or after use.

Five minutes after I slathered the pink goo all over my face, I happened to glance in the bathroom mirror and did a double-take. When I first applied the mask, it was a smooth, even layer on my skin. But in the mirror, I saw this:

As disgusting as it is, all of those spots were from the oil and gunk being pulled out of my pores - gunk that I didn't even know was in there! I certainly hadn't seen it with my naked eye. And this was just after 5 minutes! More and more dots kept appearing as the full fifteen minutes went by. A stubborn clog on my upper lip was also flattened out. When I rinsed the mask off, I thought some pink clay was still trapped in my pores because they were all flesh-colored, but when I swiped a damp cotton pad over my nose it came away clean.  Six hours later, I can definitely confirm those were just clear pores!

I'm just thrilled to have found this cheap little gem that's gentle but so effective at the same time. I've used several products that have reduced the appearance of visible pores, but - until now - never found one that eradicated them  completely (at least for now). Of course, I've still got to use the mask a few more times before I give it HG status, but for now I'm content to bask in the heady glow of my infatuation.

The only downside is that it's tricky to get ahold of if you're not in Europe. Cattier is a common drugstore brand in France, and the rest of Europe can order their whole line of products online from EasyParapharmacie without paying an unfair amount for shipping. LeGuideSante also lists it on their site, but they're out of stock currently. Their shipping isn't bad either within Europe, but although they do ship to the rest of the world, the rates are exorbitant. I've ordered from both companies and been satisfied with my purchases. 
Update: the amazing MUA member becky129 has found the pink clay mask on Amazon for $14.00 for 100ml!


  1. Sounds fabulous! People kept telling me to try Queen Helene but you're the first who said it didn't work for you. I can only imagine what this mask would look like on my nose - a polka dotted nightmare.

  2. Do appreciate the nose photo! I know what you mean, it looks not so great, but itmenas it's working. Id never heard of Cartier Paris. I'll have to keep an eye out now. I love masks!

    1. I definitely had a "secret shame" moment when I took that know, kinda like that feeling when you're alone with the Dorito bag. It may even have been my lowest point as a skincare nerd ;)

  3. huh, seems to work kind of like the Boots Botanicals mud mask. I just did a MASSIVE drugstore haul (when depressed, SHOP!!! :D) but anyway, it looks like this when its working too--except it smells like pee or someting. So disgusting, I don't know if I can keep using it despite how well it seems to work

    1. I think a drugstore beauty haul is one of the most innocent hauls around...I don't see a problem! ;) Especially if it's from Target which is basically my heaven on earth.
      I looked up the ingredients of that Boots mask out of curiosity, because I was wondering if it had urea or AHA's or something that would justify the pee scent. No acid, but apparently it's full of burdock root extract. I can't say I could identify the scent, but, I mean, does it SOUND like it would smell good? Maybe that's the culprit...

    2. LOl innocent until you've reached anything over $100 :P

      But yeah, not sure what the culprit could be--I don't know what burdock root is but I'm sure it probably smells all herbal-y/"natural" so I wouldn't be surprised if that were it

  4. Thankfully you have a lovely nose! I haven't been a mask person in ages, but this one, I would totally try and would want my daughter to try it since she's starting to get those dreaded sebaceous filaments! Except for a fragrance, it seems that Cattier is not available in my country. I guess we'll have to go for a AHA/BHA toner instead. *sigh*
    Love your style! :D

  5. ooo I'd love to try this out, Mint Julep didn't really work for me either! x


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