Jason Natural Pure Beauty Oil

It's terrible, but I find myself procrastinating on writing about the products I love most, purely because of the amount of time and consideration a comprehensive review will take. I did it with Avène Hydrance Optimale UV and I've done it again with Jason Natural's 5000 IU Vitamin E oil. I'm a skin-and-body-oil fanatic already, but this stuff is my first and most abiding love.

Like I did with the Avene, I'm merely going to write a bare-bones list of the main reasons I worship Jason's Beauty Oil. Just remember that these are the facts and the superlatives and squealing "I LOVE YOU!"s are a given.

1. It's an antioxidant-rich blend of sunflower, safflower, rice bran, apricot, avocado, and wheat germ oils, with a healthy dose of vitamin E to boot. I've tried both avocado and almond oil straight before and had good luck, so their presence in the mix is a big plus!

2. The marzipan-cherry smell is delicious but not overly enduring if you want to wear any other scents.

3. You never feel greasy wearing it. It's not quite a dry oil, but still absorbs more quickly than, for example, coconut or mineral oil. Jason also makes higher IU (or International Unit, a measure of the potency of vitamins) oils, which I own, but they're too thick to be used as anything but localized treatments and are unscented.

4. Unlike many body oils, this is just as fabulous used on my face as on the rest of me. I've had only good results and no breakouts or irritation. However, vitamin E oils can be very clogging for some, so I would strongly encourage anyone to patch test it for a few days just to be safe.

5. Talk about a multi-tasking product! Here's the full run-down of everything I've used this particular oil for, and all with great success: moisturizing my body and face, makeup removal, oil precleansing, healing fresh scars, fading old scars, rescuing chapped lips, reducing irritation from a heat rash, as a cuticle oil, as an overnight treatment for rough hands and feet, and on the ends of my hair. 

6. I want to speak to the effect on scars especially, because this oil has made a much-needed difference in my skin. Add 12 years of not-very-talented soccer playing to a bad case of keratosis pilaris and the resultant picking, and you get a lot of scars. As silly as it is, I've been self-conscious of my upper arms and knees for years because they are literally a different color than the rest of my skin from the scarring. Using vitamin E oil - I've only ever tried Jason, so can't say if another brand would produce the same results - in conjunction with exfoliants and sun protection on the affected areas has visibly lightened and faded the marks. My knees only look strange when I'm cold now, and even then it's not noticeable to anyone but myself. My arms were worse to start with, but they too are smoother and have less hyperpigmentation. I really will buy this stuff forever. 

7. High quality, but still affordable and easy to find. I order from iHerb because it's cheapest there, at $6.08 for 4 oz/118 ml,  and I usually buy two or three bottles at a time ($5 off your first purchase with my referral code, BEH289). It's widely available elsewhere online, at $7.86 from Amazon and $8.45 from drugstore.com. I've seen it in-store at health food stores, Whole Foods and any Bed Bath & Beyond with a health and beauty section.


  1. oooh I do love a good oil--too bad my skin doesn't always agree with me (I'm quite oily and acne-prone)

    1. I've heard great things about lighter oils like grapeseed for oilier skin...

  2. I've never used oil, though this does sound nice especially considering the cherry marzipan smell :)

    1. The scent is amazing! I'm actually kind of sad that it fades so quickly!

  3. Sounds great! I was getting into oils this past year though it's passing now, but this is so affordable that it seems worth a try.


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