Mario Badescu Silver Powder

This is a fantastic little treatment for anyone battling oiliness and clogged pores, but especially for those of us who have those problems on top of already sensitive skin! Unlike BHA, the usual fix for skin congestion, it's a simple powder mask with only 3 ingredients. No irritation, and it works much more gently than chemical exfoliants.I don't have oily skin, but I do have sebaceous filaments on my nose and large pores on my cheeks. As we all know, there's no way to permanently shrink pores, but keeping them clean makes them appear smaller. Mario Badescu's Silver Powder absorbs oil and sebum that's gotten stuck in the pores, leaving a clean canvas behind. It's rather strange-looking at first, but quite easy to use. I tip a small amount into the cap, to avoid wetting the rest of the product, and then dip a warm (the warmth is important, I find it helps to loosen oil on the skin and really makes a difference in the effectiveness of the treatment), damp cotton round into the cap. The powder turns into a thick paste on the pad, which I then swipe over my t-zone, focusing on the nose and chin. After fifteen or twenty minutes, I splash water on my face to remove most of the mask, and then use a toner to get rid of the rest.I find that using the Silver Powder once a week really makes my nose and chin area less congested, not only on the day of but for several days after too. Now, tough clogs are still going to need some sort of acid to really come out, but a weekly treatment like this one is a great help. And if you're frustrated by blackheads or sebaceous filaments this is a great preventative measure. One other notable thing about this product is the tremendous value. The cost-per-use is absolutely minuscule. It's not expensive to start with, but you get so much for your money too! I've used my pot at least 25 times in the past year since I bought it and you can see how I've barely made a dent. Yet another reason to appreciate Mario Badescu (have I mentioned that you can fill out a personalized questionnaire online and they'll send you a whole bag of free samples personalized for your skin type?).Mario Badescu Silver Powder is $12 for 1 oz. at their website and, as well as in-store at Ulta, or Nordstrom.

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  1. I was leaving you a long comment when Blogger decided there was suspicious activity going on with my Reductionista account and made me receive an international text from Google to verify ownership. GAAAAH.

    Short version: I'm so willing to try this if MB doesn't charge shipping!


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