Yes To Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment

I'm mildly embarrassed at how long it took me to figure out that Yes to Blueberries was actually another manifestation of the more well-known Yes to Carrots brand, just with a different star ingredient. I didn't actually know that when I grabbed this from the clearance bin at Bed Bath and Beyond in L.A. (Side note - if your BB&B is one of the lucky few with a health and beauty section, go IMMEDIATELY! They stock absolutely everything and discount all of it. It's like a massive professional beauty supply store up in there.) I've tried and liked a few basic moisturizers from Yes to Carrots, and this eye cream fits into the general impression I had of the brand: very simple, relatively effective products with great packaging.
For the purpose that I bought it - gently refreshing the eye area - the Eye Firming Treatment is perfectly nice. Right out of the pump it looks like a rich cream, but it emulsifies a bit when it hits your skin, making the texture comfortably light and easy to spread without tugging on the delicate eye area. Still, it packs a nice moisturizing punch without being rich enough to cause milia. I love when creams come in well-made pumps or tubes rather than jars - way more hygienic! Yes to Blueberries has certainly succeeded in making a product that's a level above other drugstore eye treatments in overall quality.So, as a straightforward eye cream I'd give it a thumbs up. But let's face it, the anti-aging claims that Yes to Blueberries make here are absolutely ridiculous. There's no "age refreshing" going on, and not one bit of firming. I've got fine wrinkles under my eyes from wearing contacts, and they're unchanged after several months of use. The botanical ingredients are impressively high up on the ingredient list, and the first component is blueberry water, a supposed antioxidant, but they're all just for moisturizing. None of the "actives" that really fight aging are present here. If you have dry skin and don't use a similar product already, just moisturizing your undereye area will make it appear brighter and smoother. And indeed, if you're only looking for a simple, mild eye cream, this is definitely a nice option. But if you're expecting the radical anti-aging effects that Yes to Blueberries is advertising, I think you're going to be disappointed.Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Eye Firming Treatment is usually $19.99 in-store at drugstores/BB&B/Target, but is available for $15.26 on Amazon. For international buyers, it's also on ASOS but is marked up more than 50%.


  1. I've not heard of either Yes to Carrots or Blueberries, perhaps they don't sell it in the UK! I like the simple packaging, but I have a very sensitive eye area so I don't know whether I'd try this for myself! x

  2. I'm sure this would be a nice, moisturizing, pretty straight-forward eye cream. I love their wipes but haven't tried much else. I'm very tempted to pick this up for daytime use!


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