Italy snapshots

My goodness, I've gotten lazy! I had a busy few weeks but even now that things have settled down, I've been neglecting my blog - it's scary sometimes how easy habits can be to break, especially the good ones. Anyways, a sweet email from Becca reminded me of how great the blogging community can be, and I'm excited to start posting again!

I don't really have any exceptional photos from my Italy trip - primarily because I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination! I also didn't feel like hauling my DSLR around, so I mostly took snapshots with a secondhand point and shoot camera. But I do always love when other bloggers write a little about their travel experiences, so I'd like to share a few pictures of things that made me smile.

The view of Il Duomo from our hotel room in Florence:

Old men sunbathing and chatting along the Arno, taken from the window of the Uffizi Gallery:
An incredible balcony:
The driver of our hotel's shuttle to Murano was perhaps a bit overconfident...
I like the reject glass better than the expensive stuff in the galleries.

It always amused me that the government exiled the glassblowers to Murano because they were afraid that they'd burn down the whole (wooden!) city of Venice.

Look closely at the hats hanging on the wall - that's my favorite part!
Now I've got to go do something about those 1000+ unread posts in my Google Reader...

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