Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kukui Nut Body Butter

The amount of satisfaction that my quest to reduce my beauty stash is giving me is, quite frankly, a little embarrassing. Although I'm a beauty nerd, I do believe in moderation, and working my way through things that were sitting unused makes me feel a little less like a "Hoarders" castmember. I'm having fun discovering things that I'd forgotten about and watching finished containers pile up. Plus there's the unabashed fun of planning what to replace the emptied stuff with (I'm actually on my last hand cream! Any recs?).

I did start using it a bit too late in the season - it's more of a summer moisturizer for my dry skin - but Alba Botanica's Kukui Nut Body Butter has been one of the gems I pulled from the pile. I love a good foodie scent, but only ones that smell like actual food, as opposed to dimethylsodiumpolysterateglycolwhatever-3 mimicking the smell of something edible. The Body Butter has a warm, nutty, mildly sweet fragrance that's right up my alley. It's not as moisturizing as I need right now, but few things are in the wintertime.  Anyone with less Saharan skin would be perfectly pleased by its adequate emollient abilities. Kukui nut oil is fairly light, so I didn't expect a heavy duty cream when I bought this anyways. Aloe, arnica, and cucumber extract are great for soothing sensitive skin - yet another reason I think this is great for the sunnier months.

There is one thing that sets Alba Botanica's product apart from every other body butter I've tried: how quickly it sinks in. Literally by the time I'm done applying it to the second arm, it's completely absorbed into the skin on the first. It's a godsend for those times when you're running late and have to step out of the shower right into a pair of skinny jeans. I'm planning on trying Alba Botanica's Very Emollient body lotion once I've finished the others in my stash, but might repurchase this body butter for next summer.

I bought mine at iHerb for $8.74 ($5 off your first purchase with my referral code, BEH289), but I've also seen it in-store at Target/CVS and Whole Foods for around $14 or $15. 


  1. This looks nice! I've only tried a shampoo from this brand & I did like it a lot. :D

  2. Ooh LOVE Alba products--they always smell so wonderful! Definitely checking this out!


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