Weleda Wild Rose Facial Smoothing Lotion

Continuing with what seems to be my traditional experience with Weleda products, I found the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion to be a really good product, but, for a few reasons, not the perfect product for me.

The moisturizing: Although your skin feels soothed while the lotion is on it, there's no deeper moisturization happening, because the feeling goes away as soon as you wash your face. It's a very, very light cream. But that's totally my fault, because the packaging says that this is for "normal to combination" skin, and I have combination to dry skin.

The scent: I do love all things rose; however, this is more of an herbal rose scent as opposed to the garden tea rose one that I prefer. It's a quintessential Weleda smell and isn't objectionable, but be warned that it does stick around.

The smoothing: The Smoothing Facial Lotion makes a great base for makeup, but if you're not applying anything on top of it, it feels a bit tacky - almost as if it hasn't dried completely throughout the day. And although my sensitive skin didn't experience any irritation, there was also no improvement in its condition from using the lotion (and as you can see, I've used the whole tube).

Overall, I think this is a solid and well-formulated facial cream if you've got oily skin, or perhaps for combination skin in the summertime. My friend with less dry skin than me uses it and likes it a lot. I haven't had any problems using up the tube, but I won't repurchase for myself.

Weleda Wild Rose Facial Smoothing Lotion retails for $28.00 in-store but is $18.69 at Lucky Vitamin (unless otherwise noted, I only link to online retailers that I've used successfully in the past). I found mine on sale at Target for around $7 in the beginning of the year, but it was during a clearance sale of Weleda products and I've never seen it priced so low elsewhere.

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