The Keratosis Pilaris Series - Introduction

At first, my interest in skincare was mainly fueled by the fact that I have quite problematic skin. I've been diagnosed with rosacea and keratosis pilaris, have very dry and sensitive skin, and spent 2011 and 2012 having the first real breakouts of my life before I stopped taking medication that affected my hormone levels. Because in my case the condition itself and the resulting scarring are both severe, KP in particular has had a significant effect on my self-esteem - I didn't wear short sleeves for years because of how bad my upper arms looked.

Now, although in real life it's caused some distress and embarrassment, I realize that I'm lucky that my (relatively minor) skin problems cause discomfort rather than pain. However, I'd like to be able to be open on this blog about my experience with a very common skincare concern that affects a lot of people. Not only does it help me to organize methods that work vs. those that don't, I hope that some of the knowledge and tips I've picked up along the way can help people who are distressed by similar skin conditions. After all, I've had KP for the past ten years and only recently have found some solutions that work for me.

This series of posts has five planned additional parts - Lotions, Localized Treatments, Oils, Lifestyle Adjustments, and Resources - and I may add more if I find anything else to talk about. Please do let me know if there is anything in particular that you think I should make sure to address!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, Caroline--I know skin conditions can be a pain in the butt and I'm sorry you have to go through that. I used to have those bad "chicken bumps" on my upper arms when I was younger but somehow, they seemed to go away on their own. I did suffer (and still do on occasion) from pretty bad acne though, so I can relate. Can't wait to read your series!


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