Bioderma Hydrabio Riche

It's difficult to find a rich, truly hydrating face cream that doesn't overload the skin and clog the pores. Bioderma's offering for dehydrated sensitive skin promises to deliver long-lasting moisturization through a formula that's also hypoallergenic and noncomodeginc.  Color me impressed, because even though those were big promises, Bioderma has seriously exceeded expectations.Simply put, Hydrabio Riche is a no-frills cream that does everything it's supposed to do and more. Like with Avene products, my skin feels calmer the second I apply it. When I wake up after using Hydrabio as my night cream, my face is soft and plumped, and surface redness has dramatically decreased. The unexpected bonus is that it also functions as a barrier repair cream, healing and soothing fragile skin that's been stressed by environmental factors or harsh products. A scrape on my cheek vanished overnight, with no scarring or residual irritation. With a light, pleasant scent (like most French skincare products I've found) and sleek pump packaging, Bioderma's managed to elevate a necessary basic into a small luxury that's a joy to use.I love this little gem, and will absolutely repurchase the next time I'm in Europe. I'm also going to try the Legere (light) version for day. Because I have very dry skin, I can get away with using this under makeup as long as I apply it thinly to damp skin; however, those with oilier skin types will probably find it too heavy for daytime use. I paid 10e when I bought this in France, and for Europeans it's 12e on easyparapharmacie. In the U.S. it's significantly marked up on Amazon, but you lucky Brits should be able to find it in-store soon, thanks to Bioderma's launch in the UK!

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