About SGS

Secret Girly Side was created to be a creative outlet for me to indulge in all things beauty, skincare, and frivolous, mostly so that I can stop bothering my long-suffering friends and family with endless chatter about vain things they (and most people) have no real interest in. Thank goodness for the internet.

>>email is secretgirlyside at yahoo dot com.

When linking to online sources for products I review, I always try to link to retailers that I've personally had a good experience with (as discussed here) or to the one that is offering the best price. When possible, I use affiliate linking, but only when the product is available from a retailer that meets one or both of those qualifications. Currently I am experimenting with using Amazon Affiliates; however, I haven't decided if I will continue using that program or, indeed, any. I will update this section as disclosable information changes.

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